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27 Octobre 2014

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28 Octobre 2014

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29-30 Octobre 2014

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Optical coherence tomography-based visual servoing: application to microrobotic minimally invasive surgery

A biopsy is a medical procedure to examine a sample of suspect tissue, especially to detect cancer cells. The conventional biopsy procedure is based on the extraction of a tissue sam-ple from the region of suspicion, for a microscopic examination (i.e., ex-situ ). However, the possible drawbacks of this procedure are poor precision, risk of bleeding, risk of infections. To overcome these shortcomings, the optical biopsy can be the alternative solution. More precisely among different techniques for optical biopsy, the optical coherence tomography (OCT) offers a contactless acquisition, with high resolution and a volumetric reconstruction. Moreover with technology advancements, new miniature devices allow to embed the OCT probes on endo-scope structures, which enables a controllable OCT probe (i.e., robotized endoscope) based on image information. The aim of this work is to develop new laws for visual servoing control based on feedback of OCT images to ensure repeatable, stable, and accurate positioning of the OCT probe. To illustrate our propositions, a first work is starting to be done in virtual visual servoing (i.e., Registration) using an A-scan OCT image in the spectral wavelet domain.